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Resources for developers interested in mobile development and for campus IT Pros.

Data Sources Available

 Web Service Registry

Find published web services that provide access to data or APIs, or exchange information between systems. If you have a web service you’d like to share, register it in the repository. Maintained by AITS.

University of Illinois Open Data APIs

This site is intended to create a consolidated list of APIs available at the University of Illinois. It is maintained by CITES Software Development Group.

API for Course Catalog and Class Schedule Data

The Data Explorer App allows you to browse courses without having to fully construct an HTTP request. Your application issues HTTP GET requests to the Explorer using ordinary URLs with file extensions. The Explorer will retrieve the data for you. If the data contains links to other resources (subjects, courses or sections), these links will be URLs to the Explorer using the file extension you had specified on previous requests.

Mobile Application Development & Deployment

AITS provides a full suite of development, testing, and deployment services for native mobile applications on the iOS, Android and responsive mobile web platforms. Services include analysis, design, construction, testing, and submission of the app to the iOS App Store and Google Play. All deployments to the iTunes App Store for apps under the University of Illinois name are done by AITS.  AITS Mobile Application Strategy and efforts in mobile development.

IllinoisNet for Mobile

IllinoisNet is a full-featured wireless network with both authentication and security built in. If you have a University NetID, an Active Directory password, and WiFi receptivity on your mobile device, you should use IllinoisNet Wireless for WiFi access whenever possible. Tech Services has instructions for configuring your mobile device.

Technology Services Resources for Mobile Device Users

Cell phones, smart phones, tablets, and other mobile devices can be a convenient and powerful way to access the campus network and make use of network services such as Illinois Compass, your campus emailU of I Box, or

This collection of links and information is intended to help you use your mobile device on campus more effectively.

Branding Guidelines for Mobile Applications

Those developing official university software applications for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers should follow these guidelines.

Mobile Device Management and App Licensing

The CITES Endpoint Management Group has been working with campus members to find a solution for managing the growing number of mobile devices across the University. Mobile Device Management


A library of highly accessible Javascript widgets from Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) for Mobile First Development: